Where to Start
How do you start a relationship with Amazing Grace?

If you have never been to Amazing Grace before, a great place to start your connection to us is at a Sunday morning service.  Come and meet us and begin to get to know us and what we teach.

Of course, if coming to a church service sounds a little intimidating, just call or email with any questions.  Our goal is to share with you what God has to say in the Bible, so we will meet you where you are at with your comfort level and knowledge level. 

If, after becoming acquainted with us, you would like to learn more, we offer some basic Christianity courses which teach clearly what the Bible has to say about our God, ourselves, and our relationship to him.  These classes are designed to fit into your schedule and our pastor is happy to accomodate your busy lifestyle in any way he can.

If, after you have completed the course, you desire to continue to connect yourself to God's Word through Amazing Grace, we would love to welcome you as a member of our church family.